"Brr!  Snow and ice!  I think I'll just stay in here where it's warm.  Come to think of it, without knowing how cold it is out there the white could be anything; whipped cream, marshmallows.  Still, there doesn't seem to be anything here worth looking at.  Just white on white on yet more white.  I should probably try another setting.  Not to rush.  A few minutes won't hurt and it is a strange place.  I'm still learning how to operate the portal and don't want to upset it when it is actually working.  It's still so exciting that the portal actually works that even a blank, snowy world is interesting.  Nothing to see.... "
"Hey!  Wait a second!  Are those statues I see?  They are!  At first all I could see was white but there are columns set on a foundation and statues!  This changes everything!  This is a major find!  I've got to get all the information about this place I can.  There's no telling what I may learn!  This is so exciting!"

"I've found an honest to goodness alien world! No way are those things human and they can't be natural formations either!  The only question is what those statues represent.  Well, it's unlikely these statues are realistic ones.  Totems, idols, childrens' cartoon characters, they could be anything!  If only I could go out there and find out for sure.  I can't because I still have no idea how long the portal will remain open.  I also have no idea if that environment will support human life."
"What weird looking statues.  If I had to bet I would say this is a park for children.  The funny looking statues could be cartoon characters.  Wouldn't evolution make them look more functional?  Maybe advertising marshmallows?"
"Hey!  The taller one just moved his arms!"

It's true!  They moved!  They're alive!  Wow!  What are they?  What are they doing?  Are they adults or children?  How sophisticated are they?  I don't see any clothing or ornaments.  Is this some sort of bath?  I wish they were easier to see!  White on white is hard.  This is unreal!"
"Yes!  Come over here, little friends.  Let me get a good look at you.  Can you hear me?  You didn't say a word, not even a peep.  Does this mean you can't speak or hear?  Can you see me?  Can you see colour?  I imagine I must look very strange to you but I won't hurt you.  I wish I dared go meet you but the door might close at any second. I haven't figured out how long it stays open."
"No!  Don't go!  There's so much I want to learn!  Can you hear me?  Perhaps you use telepathy?  I'm here!  See me?  I'm so colourful you can't miss me...assuming you can see colour.  I may never see you again!  Why are you leaving?  Did you hear something?  Were you called?  What were you doing?  Playing?  Working?"  She sighed.  "Just passing through it seems."
"Over and out, as in I struck out!  My first encounter with alien life forms and I know nothing!  Pictures may tell a thousand words but ninety percent of those words are questions!  Maybe next time...I hope."