"This should do it! I know I am just so close to making this portal work!  Hopefully, I will get a nice place to explore."
"I did it!  What a beautiful world!  How wonderful!"

"NOT the view I had in mind!"
"You look good enough to eat is NOT a compliment!"
"Bad frog!  Bad, bad, frog!"
"EW!  You're all slippery and wet!  Unfair advantage!"
"The first one to say 'Ride 'em, Cowboy!' gets shot!"
"I want to change dance partners!  This frog can't do the hop!"
"Eww!  Worm breath!"
"I'm not petting you!  I'm hitting you!"
"Don't you smile at me like that!"
I'm not Cinderella!  Let go of my shoe!"
"That didn't work out as planned."
"I know kung-fu, karate, judo, and other dangerous words."
"Time to go home frog!  This date's over!"
"The first person who says: 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your Prince Charming' gets introduced to that one...as in fed to it!"
"Watch that first step!  Give my regards to the first heron you meet!  Forcefield on!"