Now this makes it even simpler!  I got rid of the rather annoying center seam by taping the two fronts together as well as front and back.  Only one piece to cut out and three seams to sew up.  Add the sleeves first, though.  lol. I made this dress an inch longer.  It is still very loose and without darts but it is simple.  For now, I'm satisfied.  I'll get creative with it later.  On to the next project.
Yes!  I got new clothes too!  This is the pattern from which my shirts were made.  One piece makes for easy cutting and sewing and using ribbon for the 'bonded fabric' works out very well.  I prefer something with just a little extra on it too.  The pants are also from this pattern.  Trousers patterns aren't that different one from the other but these were scaled to fit which I like.  These three shirts aren't all the shirts I got. lol.  With a simple pattern like this one, there's a real temptation to make extras.  Thank goodness for that!  I really needed shirts!
Now here you can clearly see what I mean.  My friend Cecil is wearing the old clothes, made from a modified Ken doll pattern.  He's definitely the 'red-shirt guy who gets killed' in Star Trek.  Why not?  He'd probably thank you for putting him out of his misery.  Better times are coming, Cecil.  I'll loan you a couple of shirts.  I promise.
Let's take a break and celebrate.  Now that we have new clothes, let's find a party somewhere.  There are other patterns in the book to try but, for now, enough sewing.