Yes!  Now I have some patterns that are the right size for me!  Those reduced Barbie patterns didn't work that great.  27 patterns!  Let's get started right away!
Well, I followed the directions and used cotton as specified.  It didn't come out as pictured but this is just the first attempt and the directions require that you glue the dress to the doll.  Their expectation is that you want a 'character' doll who will stand in your dollhouse as an accessory equal to a chair or a table.  No thanks!  I have places to go and things to do and I need an actual wardrobe with all kinds of clothing!

I didn't bother with all the dainty trimmings either.  I wanted to get the basic dress down pat before worrying about the ribbons. So, it looks different from the illustration but it is a good start.
I decided the bodice piece, if lengthened, might make me a nice basic dress.  (Being a novice sewer, I'm looking for something easy that can be adapted for variety.)  Worth a try.  On the left you can see my home-made copy of the bodice piece.  There are no darts; making the resulting dress just a sack dress but maybe it could be seen as a pretty nightdress?  It's a new dress anyway and that's a delight.
The material is spandex.  That stretches much better than cotton and is very sparkly.  I saw it and couldn't resist it.  It's a little glizty for a nightgown, perhaps, but you never know whom you will meet in your dreams.  I wouldn't want my Knight in Shining Armour, or my Prince Charming, or my rival for either, to catch me looking drab. lol.
From Regency to Edwardian times, still hoping for an easy-to-make but stylish basic dress.  This just might be it.  This is my first attempt.  I didn't put on the sleeves, just hemmed the armholes. It's okay but I think the bulky seams on the shoulders are too clunky.  Six pieces to sew together; counting the sleeves but not counting the lace trim on the bottom or the accessories.  The more seams the more bulk and I'm small and delicate. It is a bit more fitted but still essentially just a tube. Let's see if I can do better.
My first modification is to get rid of those shoulder seams.  I did that by taping the front and back pattern pieces together.  Now I have two pieces to cut out and sew together instead of four.  Less work as well as less bulk and the fit will be better.

As you have no doubt already guessed, I photocopy the patterns in the book and cut them out. This ensures my book remains pristine and I can run off fresh templates whenever I lose or mangle one. 

So, this is my finished dress, sleeves included.  It looks good but I think it could look better.