Well, these lumps will make...whatever.  They may be just what my portal needs.  It does need raw materials and I do need to dispose of these...whatever they are.  Having a cluttered portal chamber is an invitation to an accident.  We don't need that.  It's bad enough that I haven't gotten all the kinks out of the system yet.  I did manage to switch the dial, so to speak, and ended the barage of lumps. That's progress! lol.   I still have to align the sensors and adjust the parameters and a dozen other tasks to put everything in order.  It's begining to feel like home. 

I have high hopes for this portal.  Soon I will have it working and will be able to step from this world into a whole variety of others.  It's just thrilling!
"Who left the door open?" Arabelle yelped.  "A hungry crocodile is just what I don't need!  Go away! There's nothing to eat here!  Especially not me!  I'm tough and stringy and bony.....and I bite back!"

It didn't seem impressed by the size of her teeth because it continued to waddle and wiggle its way into her portal chamber. 

Arabelle ducked back into her laboratory and grabbed her sword.  It might have been intended as a mere decoration and a status symbol but if it looked like a weapon and felt like a weapon, she would use it as one! 
There was no place to run.  She couldn't stay in her laboratory, as she couldn't bar the door.  Arabelle certainly didn't want that creature running amok in her lab!  It would set her work back days, maybe months!  (Assuming it didn't eat her and end her work forever.)  It was hunting her so maybe she could lure it outside.  She'd have a better chance with more room to maneuver.  It was slow moving.  The crocodile was huge! It was taking up most of the portal chamber.  Getting around it might prove a challenge.
Well, it was not exactly a crocodile, Arabelle realized.  It had come from another world but it certainly looked like a crocodile.  It looked like a very big, very mean, very hungry, crocodile.  She realized it was homing in on her.  It was slow but she suspected it could lunge very rapidly.  That was how crocodiles hunted and this creature was built like a crocodile.

She edged around the wall, moving as quietly as she could.  She reached the inoperative door. Halfway to the exit.  With a little luck she might get outside.  Then she could run!  She could get a gun or, better yet, some nets!

She didn't want to kill the crocodile creature.  It was a huge, magnificent animal.  She would if she had to...assuming she could.  Arabelle wondered if the king might like to have it for a menagerie?  It would certainly impress the tourists.  The best option would be to send it back to its own place and time but, right now, she would settle for rendering it harmless. 

It was pushing the lumps of metal ahead of it.  Really built low to the ground, this one. Maybe if she threw lumps at it she could distract it?  That didn't seem too likely but she was running out of options.  Plan A, get out of the portal chamber and run.  Plan B, whack it with her sword, get out of the portal chamber and run.  She really needed a Plan C.
"The crocodile's armour is too thick to cut!  You'll barely scratch it.  Your sword's a good conductor of electricity, however.  When I give the word, you slam it down on the crocodile's skull and put as much voltage as you can into it.  I'll try for the softer area under the neck.  Between the two of us, we should be able to knock it senseless.  It's the best option we have.  Ready?"

Arabelle nodded.  Hey, this guy might be a complete stranger but he had come from the same place the crocodile had, which meant he had survived.  That indicated he knew what he was talking about.  Since she didn't have any better ideas, his was well worth trying.  She had actually forgotten that she was now an Aesir, capable of producing enough electricity to stun a horse.  Whether she could stun a massive 14 foot crocodile....well, they would soon see.

Arabelle slammed her sword down and pulsed for all she was worth.  She also dumped the batteries' stored power into her strike.  What she was not prepared for was his leap.  He litterally threw himself onto the crocodile reaching for the underside of the neck.  Yes, he had said that he needed to touch the underside but really!  This guy had guts!
The crocodile jerked and shuddered as the combined electric power of two powerful Aesir slammed into it.  The eyes turned an eerie red.  It stiffened and lay still. Arabelle looked at the almost glowing green crocodile and the man pulsing power into its nervous system.  Talk about a pair of magnificent creatures!  Talk about a complete contrast, too.  The brute crocodile, hideous and menancing, stunned by a handsome rescuer.  Whoops!  She was sounding like a romance novel.  No way!  Rein that idea in,right now!
"Good, it's unconscious.  Give me a hand.  We have to push this bemouth back where it belongs, before it wakes up.  A crocodile with a nasty hangover is the last thing we need and this one is going to have a massive headache when it wakes up.  Besides, we don't want to tamper with the ecology any more than we can help. This crocodile is one of the apex predators over there.  Respect for the enviroment is vital. The last thing we want is to destroy the wonders we seek to discover.  Life is sacred and often fragile.  Not that this big baby is particularly fragile but we don't want to do any damage if we can help it. Not to mention that we don't want to destroy our own environment by bringing in alien lifeforms. Upsetting the balance between dimensions could also have very nasty consequences.  The last thing we need is for the portal to explode...or implode."