Doll photostories present a multi-faceted creative challenge. One is author, producer, costumer, cameraman, etc. It's sort of like being a one-man band. lol I use 1/12 scale because of size and financial restraints.   Hope you will have as much fun as I'm having.  Any comments or suggestions; contact me at:
Arabelle's Closet
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"Hi!  I'm Sienna Zigzag, this site's official mascot.  That's because I'm a bodacious puppy, six months old and into everything.  My people said that as long as I was sticking my nose in anyway, they might as well make it official.  I don't get to chew on the dolls though.  I don't think that's fair.  Do you?  Well, I will pop in now and again.  Maybe there will be something tasty that goes with this job?"
"I'm Roscoe Rocket.  Do I have to admit that Sienna is my niece?  I mean, look at her licking up milk just as if she was a baby.  That does it.  I'm out of here.  Some things are just too silly!  We've got a mature, dignified site at  Why do we need adults playing at being little kids?  Milk and dolls?  Get real!"